Acupuncture for Wellness
Cost of Treatments:

Consultation: FREE

Treatment Rate: $50

Methods of Payment

We  accept cash,checks, and credit cards in house.  we also offer payment through paypal.

We can also accept HSA or Flex spending account debit cards.

Do You Take Insurance?

We are in network with Federal Employee BCBS.  Please check with your insurance plans as to whether or not you have coverage.  Not all plans have acupuncture coverage.  We will NOT bill out of network services, but are happy to provide you with a Superbill for you to submit for reimbursement.


Pennsylvania Acupuncture Law

PA allows acupuncturists to treat patients for 60 calendar days for a condition.  If the patient requires treatment beyond 60 calendar days, they are required to obtain a diagnosis from a medical doctor and supply the acupuncturist with this information. 

PAY Your Bill Using PayPal
How to prepare for treatment.

Prior to your first treatment you will be asked to complete the new patient intake form.  You can either complete this form on line, print it from on line and bring it with you, or arrive 20 minutes early to your treatment to complete the form.  A Free Consultation is offered where we review the intake form discuss acupuncture and the treatment plan for you.  Your first treatment session can be done at the same time as the consultation or separately.  You should come to your treatment session in loose comfortable clothes, or bring a change of clothes with you.  It is not advised to come on an empty stomach, or under the influence.

What to expect during treatment.

The treatment starts out with questions about your complaint as well as other basic questions about your functioning.  Different diagnostic tests may be done including taking of the pulse, observing the tongue, palpating the Hara, or palpation of muscles.  These are all different techniques that help the practitioner determine a course of treatment.  Fine needles are then inserted into points on the body.  You could experience a number of different sensations.  These include:  tingling, heaviness, achy, warming, and moving.  The needles are not painful.  Once all the needles are inserted you will be left to rest with some peaceful music for 10-20 minutes.  You will be checked on to make sure you are comfortable.  The needles will then be removed and disposed of.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Each person is different, and each condition is different.  In general acute problems can take anywhere from 1-3 treatments to resolve.  Chronic conditions can take anywhere from 4-8 sessions to see improvement.  Some conditions may improve but need maintenance treatments every few months.

How Long Are Sessions?

Sessions are scheduled for 1 hour.  They may, however, vary anywhere from 50 min. to 1 hour 10 min. depending on the treatment.

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